Tuesday, March 10, 2009


It's been a LONG time since I've last blogged. Way too long actually. So much has happened that to tell of everything that has happened up until now seems like a huge task. But I will try my best, DJ and I were married :), We had an amazing honeymoon in the Mexican Riveria, We moved into our house ( and although this might be a total bias comment I think it is the best house any newlywed couple has ever moved into before. In short...I love it!), I continue to go to school and work towards getting my secondary education degree while DJ is the ever hard working and best husband out there. In between all those there have been family celebrations (my sister Kaylani graduated from nursing school), roadtrips (My cousin Jared got married Febuary in Las Vegas), and minor setbacks (I've have a sinus infection and I think I'm developing strepthroat as well). In all seriousness however, life is good and I feel so blessed and grateful :)

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